Ask Matt

This page is fictional, roleplay. I am not the real Matt and do not have any connections to him. This page is just for fun, so have some and ask "Matt" anything!

All answers are not necessarily what I believe or want, they are how I think Matt might respond or if he has answered the question in real life, I usually use the same real response.

Anonymous asked: "*kiss. SLOBBERY kiss*"

On me?

Anonymous asked: "I love your body."

alright, thanks.


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Anonymous asked: "picks up chicken nugget with fork "How YOU doin?""

Well done


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Anonymous asked: "wish you had all been on jimmy kimmel for a reunion! the girls are all looking hot! holy moly!"

Yeah, I saw that. It looked fun and the girls are always hot.


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Anonymous asked: "Just wanna say that you're really the one that keeps me going on, Matty, you make me feel so better just by watching you in Friends and Episodes. I know my live is really, really a lot cooler than a lot of people because I've got money, some friends and a really loving family... But it's just at times I really feel lost and lonely and you're one of the few persons that can cheer me up. And also you look so handsome !"

Well, that’s really nice. I’m really glad those shows can make a difference for you. Thanks.


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Anonymous asked: "Wow, I can't believe you didn't get the Emmy after all ! And that this guy from Big Bang Theory-stuff won it, Hollywood is so unfair !"

Well, it is what it is, he does a great job too, every year I guess.


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Anonymous asked: "HOW YOU IS BAYBEH"

I’m pretty good.


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Anonymous asked: "u want soup i got soup"

I’m good.


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Anonymous asked: "Hey Matt, wish you all the luck in the world for the Emmy tonight ! You're sure the one that deserve it the most <3"

Thank you, that means a lot.


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Anonymous asked: "u r so hot. lol"

Thank you


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